Our clients speak best about Astrid Bek & Associates


« Astrid Bek has always been able to provide us with candidates who have the perfect profile and who match our search criteria. The reason? Her excellent listening skills and communicative energy to talk about opportunities within our company. »

Olivier Bizon, Co-Founder & Chairman, 1875 FINANCE



« In her field, Astrid Bek is a must. I quickly understood her philosophy: bring the right people together. Her success comes from her listening skills and her ability to analyse each situation. She immediately understands the requirements of the job and the personality of each interviewer, without any hasty judgements. She embodies a cocktail of professional experience, patience, curiosity and humanity. She also has a very good network for recruiting outstanding professionals and talents. Astrid Bek has all these qualities and carries out her assignments in complete confidentiality and confidence. »

Ingo Dauer, Group Legal Director, L’OCCITANE



« Your files are always prepared in a professional way, respecting the ethics and the highest standards of your profession. As far as our field of activity, asset management, is concerned, your experience is widely recognized not only in French-speaking Switzerland but also beyond our borders since you have also operated in Singapore and Hong Kong in particular. You therefore deserve wide recognition for your indirect contribution to the development of the Swiss and international financial center! Hats off to you! »

Chairman of a prestigious Swiss bank

required anonymity due to the inherent confidentiality of the activity and being part of the Management Committee



« As CEO of LRG Group, I have called upon the services of Astrid Bek & Associés for almost 20 years, out of loyalty, but above all to guarantee the expected result. Astrid Bek's know-how is based on the correct decoding of the research to quickly draw up the right profile of the person to be hunted. This profile is illustrated with examples and she knows how to escape from the ones already stored in her reserve bank to free herself from possible preconceptions. She has a wide open-mindedness, going from the logical to the intuitive or unusual approach depending on the research. She knows her market (executives and senior managers) and reminds me a little bit of Didier Deschamps for the right recruitment: The right man at the right place. She knows how to gauge, sell, insist and negotiate in the best interests of each party. In addition, her loyalty to her services has allowed us to save a lot of time in understanding the company's issues and challenges. Out of about fifteen recruitments, we have had two failures due to an over-evaluation by me of the two positions to be filled. It is for these reasons that I can only recommend the services of Astrid Bek as I have already done. »




«I've been working with Astrid Bek, a strategic recruiter for over 10 years, and she's a key player in the industry. She has the art of finely understanding our specific needs as well as the developments in the industry - of which she has a very sharp reading -. She gives us the benefit of her vast network with dynamism and commitment. Together, we have built winning teams, managed major development projects and with each of our contacts, I had the extraordinary feeling that we were in the same boat. Thank you again Astrid for your precious support. »

Richard Albrecht, Head UHNWI - Universal bank



«Your commitment to our group is greatly appreciated. You know how to understand our needs and align yourself with our principles, with a particular focus on customer satisfaction. The choices of candidates that you suggest are of high quality and we can only thank you for that.»

Head of Private Banking at a prestigious GENEVA PRIVATE BANK

required anonymity due to the inherent confidentiality of the activity and being part of the Management Committee



«In each of the recruitment processes for which we have called upon Astrid Bek & Associates, we have been fully satisfied with the services offered, in particular the follow-up of the applications and the proactivity Astrid Bek has always shown. Very direct in her approach, she is perseverant and carries out the mission entrusted to her. I can only recommend her for her seriousness and professionalism. »

Jean-Luc Tétard, Founder and Owner STRAGEN PHARMA